Github Copilot: Shady Cancel Subscription Method

I've been trying to use Github Copilot to check its capability and see if it able to make me more productive, have more efficient code and of course a faster delivery. So I choose a monthly subscription with 10$ price.


I have mixed feeling of using github copilot. First thing first, just want to make it clear, I am not anti AI. Copilot are great generating a new component, this will be very useful when creating a new feature, and it also great to create a placeholder or dummy component when slicing. In terms of debugging, Copilot give me a very fast suggestion about what variable should I print.

Well, that was the only reasonable positive reason for it. In real case, it just have some, how do I say: failing for simple task. Example, Copilot often broke the curly bracket when I already create a component for it, it just didnt know the pair of curly bracket. It also cannot create even a simple test case (unit testing), most of the time I rewrite the test case generated by Copilot.

Others thing that make me sad is, I can generate the same code using free service like Copilot in Windows menu or some other generative AI. I paid 10$ is only for in built function inside my IDE, it only worth for reduce copy and paste task.

Cancel Subscription.

Afte a month of usage, I choose to stop it on April 7th 2024 by clicking "Cancel" button github settings. After a few days, I got an email from github and my bank that copilot are trying to make a payment after I cancel it. I think like "Ah, maybe it is not updated yet. Probably will stop after this email" so i leave it as it is.

But today, April 19th, I got email from my bank and github that github are trying to make a payment again. So I check again my settings, the subscription already stopped:  

Notice, the github copilot menu show "Emable Copilot" means I already stop it

I also check payment history, and holy moly:  

They are trying to non stop

Here is my email from github (they will try again in two weeks):   

Basicly, you cannot cancel the subscription

I'm Not Alone

Searching on the internet, and I found a quite of this case too. Like this and this 

And there is more if you want going deeper.

Create A Help Support Ticket

I create a github ticket for this, hopefully it can be fixed. And if you wanna try Github Copilot, I suggest not or look for alternative, but if you persists then use a Visa debit card, so if there is no amount on your bank account, it will count as fail payment. If you pay using credit card, there is possibility you will pay forever even after you stop it. The only way to stop it is to create a help ticket and this might takes time (probably you cannot really request a refund for it). Is it worth? No. Or at least, dont pay github copilot by yourself, use another, or use copilot only if your company provides it.

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