An Honest Review Of Keychron K3 Optical Keyboard

I was using a very cheap mechanical keyboard by Rexus (a local brand from Indonesia) type MX Legionaire 5.1. It was a $20 at that time, and I'm using it for exact 1 year (Feb 2022 - Feb 2023). But, two months before February 2023, I found a problem that my keyboard are pressing other keys when I press some spesific keys. I realize this when my app doesnt compile because of prohibited character on my code and I remember I don't that. It also rattles and chattering, I already cleaning up the keyboard, problems gone for a week but comeback after. So I bought a new keyboard after some my mutuals are recommending Keychron brand (I was aiming for Logitech MX Mechanical Mini, but I'm looking at another option, especially cheaper one).

First Impression 

Well, I come from very cheap keyboard so my anchor are very low here but you know what I mean. The build quality is actually good, it looks though and the keycaps finishing is also feels like a rubber (i like it) but I predict this will degrading after years of using. If you are using TKL keyboard before (Keyboard with arrows and separate page up, page down, home, delete button *slightly wider than 75% keyboard), you probably will feels irritated of remembering the position of the keys, just like me. The distance between keys are noticable shorter than my previous keyboard and I often pressing the wrong keys. After days, you will adapt with this. Connecting via bluetooth are also very easy, just press Fn + 1 for 4 seconds then pair with your device (I'm using Linux with usb bluetooth adaptter). It works without any problem 

Low Profile 

I prefer low profile keyboard since my desk are not that huge, and I want too rest my hand without buying palm rest for 25$. But first time typing on this keyboard, I already know that this keyboard is not made for gaming, it just weird feeling comparing to my old keyboard, I often pressing the keys very hard (when im into it), to be honest, this keyboard is thin and I cannot imagine to press it really hard. 


I bought the Optical Gateron Brown Switch Version, but I don't know why, is it because the low profile or not, I just feels it less satisfying pressing it. Yes it have tactile feels but almost no sound to me. It can be good for me that are WFH so other people cannot hear clicky sound, but also, less satisfying.

Linux Compatibility (Mac / Windows mode)

All the modes are mostly running, except the Mac mode, the screenshoot button (PrintScreen) didn't work on PopOS 22.04. But, since PopOS have Keyboard Shortcut settings to replace the printscreen button. Windows mode works normally without any additional settings. Here are my recaps:

Buttons that didn't work on MacMode in Linux machine
- Fn + F1 (I am using monitor, it might actually works, not tested yet on laptop)
- Fn + F2 (I am using monitor, it might actually works, not tested yet on laptop)
- Fn + F3 (Nothing happens)
- Fn + F4 (Nothing happens)
- PrintScreen (PrintScreen dedicated button is actually works but it have different keymap, it actually pressing Super + Shift + $, yes you can use this button by remapping from keyboard shortcut settings)

Buttons that didn't work Windows Mode in Linux machine:
- Fn + F1 (I am using monitor, it might actually works, not tested yet on laptop)
- Fn + F2 (I am using monitor, it might actually works, not tested yet on laptop)

Fn + F3 (changing current open window, might have different function for other linux distro) and Fn + F4 also works (open mail app)


I am using it in bluetooth mode. Delay is noticeable only when first key hit after typing session break. For example, you stop typing for 30 seconds, and you want to continue typing a word "Lorem Ipsum", the letter L will have noticable delay while the others are quite fast. 

Wake up from sleep is also little bit pain in the ass on Linux. I need to press the button a few times just to wake up the device, after the screen wake up, the keyboard won't consume my input for ~1 seconds. So keep in mind. I don't test on Windows machine for now, I'll update this article as soon as I use it.

Important notes:
I was dual boot this oc long time a go, and when i power on the pc, it will shows the GRUB boot selection.  Since wireless connection is using bluetooth and bluetooth driver are not loaded on that page, keyboard will not work. I don't really think this is fixable, since all driver will be loaded up only after grub selection page. I'm using wired for now. Yes, I hate this.


Well, its a good productivity keyboard for working like writing a code, office things, casual and so on. To me, this is definitely not a gaming keyboard even tho you can use this. This boi doesn't really make sound (brown switch) or maybe I just not giving it high pressure.

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