A Space For The Unbounds [DEMO]: My Thoughts (Quicklook)

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I was corious about Toge Productions new game called A Space For The Unbound. An adventure game with beautiful pixelart set in the late 90s rural Indonesia that tells a story about overcoming anxiety, depression, and the relationship between a boy and a girl with supernatural powers.

So I installed the demo version of it. For context, I'm not into 2D games (especially with pixelated style). My problems about 2D games is I often lost my space perspective when changing the map (I mean, some 2D games change the map with some space reference to the previous map). You might know this if you play 2D games a lot. Well, here is my thoughts about this game (demo version, I will update this article after I played the full version).

Beautiful Music

Even in the very beginning of the game (main menu), you'll hear a well-created music. It's soft, relaxing and will change depends on situation in the game. Some are mystical themed music when the magic is being narrated and so on, you need to hear it by yourself.

Sound staging are also good. When you walk on grass, land, wet floor etc. There is a heavy rain scene in the demo version and I like how Mojiken & Toge Productions make the thunder sound effect is far in the background (Yes, I talk about sound staging).

Well Delivery Map/Scene Perspective 

I already explain this in the beginning of this article. This game have a little scene/map to interact, so for people like me don't needs long time to focus and remembering all the items place. Because it's small, you will move/change to another map/scene, and they are doing great on connecting this.

*Might be this problem only happens for me (lost perspective about scene/geometry on 2d games). I'm very sure you are better than me about this.

Good Paced Storytelling

For a game that rely on the story, I see this game is good to handle it's pace. Not too long and not too short. Because this story is about space manipulation (?) called SpaceDive. It only shows in the beginning of the game, and then they shows you how it works. Of course they are still left things to explain but I'm very sure this will be available on the full version.

In short: you won't feel "this is too long" or "what? what was she explained? i don't understand"

90's Relevances

I was born in 90's but I don't remember how 90's feels like because I was very child. I miss some time background on this game have. I mostly skip it and then realize it after some minutes like: "Ah yes. That's very 90's, I forgot".

But for you, who spent your school life in 90's might realize more than me. It's very subjective. Try it.


Here is my full impression of ASFTU (Demo Version): 

Based on the demo version, this game is very promising. Story, graphical delivery, control, music you called it, it's all good. I will take a look at this game for the full version and will update this articles. Please take a look at Mojiken & Toge Productions page:

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