Things That Can Improve Your WFH Productivity

Just like the titles. I feel my productivity increased since i bought a second monitor and mechanical keyboard. For the context, since I am get older, it took so much time to get into 'focus mode' because you probably know, WFH means we rely on chat app and meeting app. A 'Ting!' sound can reset my focus and I need more time to get back into focus mode.

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Buy A New Keyboard!

I used an HP laptop, the keyboard is 'meh' for me. I tried thinkpad keyboard before and it feels great. I tried some Macbook keyboard (the 2015 one), it' ok for me but not the best. My current laptop have worst keyboard ever. It feels linear and I don't like the key travel. Fifteen minutes of typing can get me stretched my hands.

So I bought some cheap mechanical keyboard. I choose the cheap one because this is the first time I am using mechanical before. I don't want to buy something that I never know before. 

It is a Rexus Legionaire MX 5.1 keyboard with Blue Switch (Content Switch is I don't mistaken). Why blue switch? Well, I don't have any preferences. I just want to try it first.

The experience is really different, first is the satisfaction and the second is more comfortable. You can put your laptop away with a stand and then typing with your keyboard + mouse. It is much better experiences you should try.  After a weeks, I realized that blue switch might be don't suits for WFH because the sound of the keyboard can get into your mic. So just, hold to type or mute your microphone first before your type something. After a month, I bought the same keyboard but with other switch (Brown Switch) for my dad. 

It is a personal preferences, but I think brown switch is suit more to wfh workers. 

Dual Monitor Improve Your Productivity

The problem with single monitor of WFH is, you will switch around every app window to open your chat group, your meeting, your IDE, your work browser, your personal browser, your terminal and so on. It's really painful. 

I am working as mobile app developer and the windows that i always using is: terminal, emulator window, personal browser (i always searching for solution using this, because it linked with my personal github and SOF account), work browser (chat group and meeting), IDE. Sometimes spotify and file manager.

Switching between programs will be a mess if you are not in focus mode. With second monitor, this thing well be reduced by a lot. I put my personal program on my laptop monitor and work program on second monitor. Just an advice, put your IDE on your better screen (if you have different panel) rather than the size of the screen. Also an advice if you are looking for monitor, IPS panel is recommended. I have two monitor with VA and IPS panel before. VA panel have a problem with gamma and white color production, it could be a problem when you looking to figma, you'll not seeing the 'grey' line or separator because the color production is bad. You can fix this by setting them up on a menu, but sometimes it doesnt suit for other type of content, such as video etc. IPS panel didnt have this problem. It is better to wait some weeks/month to buy an IPS panel or even OLED rather than VA.

Mind Your Table

If you have small work table, please consider to use wireless stuff (wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless earphone and so on). It will be a mess if you use cables. It will be worst if also using laptop as your machine, because the distance between your laptop and monitor will be very close.

A wide table is a much-much better option. But if you cannot afford that, consider to use wireless stuffs.

Take Some Day To Do Cable Management

Assume you are using a non-wireless stuffs. Please take one day to prepare your cable management. First is your power brick. And then the cable track. Make sure it can reach to your power brick.

You can type on online store to search some tools like velcrow ties, and other cable organizer.


I think that's all for now. With these tips, I hope you can better experience and helps you to improve your productivity while working. If you need some references, you can join this awesome group on facebook here

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